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Talent Assessment

  • Align leadership culture and behaviors to strategy
  • Integrate leadership criteria into selection and advancement processes
  • Individual and/or team strength and opportunity profiles
  • Online assessment licensing
  • 3600 feedback tools

Talent Management and Succession Planning

  • Simple, effective talent management and succession planning
  • Critical talent metrics and objectives
  • Board-level succession plan presentations
  • Talent strategy development

Employment Branding and Engagement

  • “On-brand” employee processes and communications
  • Branded recruiting and onboarding processes
  • Effective reward and recognition
  • Engagement surveys, analysis, and follow-up action

Leadership Development

  • Simple, effective developmentĀ  plans
  • Internal/external career development programs
  • “Leaders Developing Leaders” training

Team Effectiveness

  • Effective meeting structures
  • Communication styles education
  • Team coaching and team retreats

Executive Coaching

  • One-to-one assessment and direct feedback
  • Coaching plans and development activities
  • Follow-up coaching sessions

Leadership Sourcing

  • Create position profiles that attract the right candidates
  • Executive level sourcing
  • Executive search management

Strategic Planning

  • Planning process and facilitation
  • Strategy map development

Organization Design

  • Strategic analysis of current design vs. strategy needs
  • Restructure support
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Change Management

  • Change leadership training
  • Support for major initiatives
  • Internal communications

Culture Building

  • Vision identification, goals creation, and cascaded objectives
  • Dialogue-based leadership

New Business Integration

  • Business process standardization
  • Cultural integration
  • G&A cost reduction and restructuring